Meadow Barn

The Meadow Barn

constructed out of roughhewn cedar timbers custom cut by a local lumber mill

The dance barn is 20ft. wide by 30ft long and features the Star of Texas built into the dance floor. One side has three large windows that offer great cross ventilation when combined with the three large ceiling fans. The other side is open to the reception area with a 10ft x 40ft long covered porch. We provide a sound system in the barn for mp3 or ipod plug-in.

The reception area adjoins the barn and is covered by the shade of live oaks, cedar elms and junipers. In the surrounding area, there is a butterfly/hummingbird garden and a garden pond. Casual seating areas are sprinkled throughout the grounds. For the colder months, we include a propane heater in the barn plus a fire-pit for the reception area.

There are two “official” ceremony sites to choose from – the wildflower field and a small meadow surrounded by trees… but you are welcome to be creative and choose the location that you want.

The Bridal Suite is attached to the barn and is climate controlled with air conditioning and heat. Natural light is provided by 200 year old stained glass windows and it is decorated with vintage doors and antiques. There is a full length mirror, a vanity with lights, loveseat, chairs, and even a crystal doorknob to hang up the wedding dress.

And last but not least – in the barn and in all of the trees above are thousands of sparkly lights that are oh so romantic once the sun goes down.