… A kid with an old camera.

At a young age, my husband was given his own camera – an almost discarded “brownie” camera for him to play with. He loved it. Next he got a gently used 35mm camera and kept taking photos – mostly night photography and landscapes.

After working for years in the corporate world, he decided to follow his dream and become a professional photographer. You name it and he photographed it – rural landscapes, wildlife, real estate, commercial products, family portraits, and weddings. He had work published in magazines and taught photography workshops.

In 2007, we were casually looking for acreage and happened upon this hidden gem. The property had been unoccupied for years and had a very bad case of oak wilt running through it. Looking past the dead trees and dirt, we saw great potential. The trees still on the property were gorgeous live oaks, with towering elms mixed in and fields of wildflowers in the spring. It had a cool old red barn with a rusted metal roof. We had found the perfect outdoor photography studio. Finally a place where his clients could truly get the images they wanted in a private space: photos in bluebonnets without sitting on the side of a road, photos of their dogs and horses, and even images with Granddad’s vintage shotgun (you really can’t do that one in Zilker Park!)

From day one, we started developing the natural beauty of the Hill Country to create incredible photographic tableaus. The initial plan was to just keep the property as a photography studio. However it became apparent after years of being in the wedding industry and visiting different venues each weekend that there was something lacking from most wedding venues – character. So many were cookie cutter venues with the same tables, chairs and décor every day, wedding after wedding. It is really hard to do creative photography when you are bound inside four walls for a wedding reception for hours. We wanted to offer something different.

At the Wildflower Barn, we keep the cost low and don’t have a bunch of fees and requirements. It is simple, and laid back. If this sounds like the kind of wedding for you, then please check out all of the images on the website. If you like what you see, give us a call, come out for a personal tour, and book your date – your wedding photographer will love you for it!

~ Janet